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unforge_com's Journal

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Science? Politics? Religion? Environment? If it effects human advancement you'll find it here.

- [un fawrj / un fohrj]


1. to systematically evaluate beliefs, opinions, and social paradigms commonly held as true; replacing them with factual, realistic alternatives.

UnForge is more than a definition, though, it is a completely advanced concept in human thinking. The old ways of doing things naturally fall away and are replaced as time moves on, but who ensures there is a direction or plan to this forward movement? This is what UnForge seeks to accomplish.

To accomplish such an ambitious goal UnForge seeks to learn from all corners of life what it is that makes humanity the society it is today. You cannot plan a trip if you do not know where you are starting.

Once this is understood as best as is possible UnForge will better be able to offer a course achieving the most result with the smallest amount of effort and upheaval as humanity moves from a Level 0 society to a Level 1 society.

Welcome to most ambitious and exciting journey humanity has ever undertaken.


Post articles and thoughts on Science, Religion, the Environment, Society and where you think your place in it is.

Comment on any and all posts, but remain respectful. We all have different views. That is why we are here.


UnForge has a homepage located at: www.UnForge.com

You can become a Fan of UnForge on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/UnForge

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